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here i fall up

Written and composed by Beth Golison, produced in the New Ohio Theatre's Ice Factory Festival in Summer 2023. Directed by Annabel Heacock and Maiya Pascouche, Music Directed and Orchestrated by Kyle Brenn. 

In an abandoned house on a cold shore, a Girl hides from her rambunctious sisters to dream up stories for the weathered walls. When she meets the Friend, she is overwhelmed by first love and must decide how far she is willing to go (and who she is willing to let go of) to keep her refuge of fantasy. This new folk tale weaves a haunted landscape from folk and jazz music, and invites you to a world where the air is cold but the people are warm, humming with a bit more magic than our own.


"here i fall up is one of the most pure and perfect shows I've seen in a long time....[it] admits us to a whimsical, surprising world that, for the show's hour-long runtime, is a joy to inhabit, a world where, caught in the easy ecstasy of orange flowers and smoke twisting up to the ceiling like whispered ghost stories, we too fall up, instead of down."​


"here i fall up is thoughtfully directed and composed by Beth Golison and directed creatively by Annabel Heacock and Maiya Pascouche"



Scenic Design - Jessie Baldinger

Lighting Design - Chris Voegels

Costume Design - Max Han

Sound Design - Kyle Brenn

Stage Manager - Gracie Alberti

Producer - Cam Pileggi

Sound Engineer - Julian Moller

Photos - Natalie Powers and

               Charlie Anderson


Girl - Sophia Drapeau
Friend - Rose Tablizo

Sister/Storytellers - Gianna Millici, 

Samantha Medina Chachra, and

Lauren Rose Quigley 


Drums/Percussion/Keyboard: Kyle Brenn 

Guitars: Tia Dizon

Bass/12-String Guitar: Lotus Rogers

Cello: Samantha Medina Chachra

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